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Information Bubba's Captains Pub

The main aim of Bubba's Water Grill is to make healthy dishes available to a wider public, which people at home often think that these are not affordable or they do not know them at all.

We believe that fish dishes which are common in the Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean cuisines, can find a place here in the country in our everyday life, and even though the sea is far, they do not count unfamiliar in Hungary either.

We wanted to create a place where great seafood from quality fresh ingredients can be eaten at affordable prices.

We believe that this can be done. Healthy street food does exist and we prove it! Many people think that junk food and street food are the same, but that's not the case. Luckily, more and more places pop up in the city where quality street food is available, so over time the stereotype will be broken.

Bubba brought this to us first at a location near the South Railway Station, then to Corvin Promenade. Although the above two places have been closed, we guarantee the same experience and flavors for you in our present 2 restaurants, one in Pest on Egyetem Square the other one in Budaörs (at the border of districts XI and XII).

Our main profile focuses on everything that is seafood, divine and healthy. Fish fillets without any fish bone and freshly baked whole fish, squid, octopus, shellfish, all this not only fried in oil but grilled served with salad, fish and beef burger specialties and eternal fish & chips.

Bubba's Captains Pub on Budaörs Street is offering to its guests meat dishes, drafted Guinness and special homemade bears appart from the usual seafood and fish dishes.

We are looking forward to flood the city with all sorts of seafood and burger specialties :-) 

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