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Information CurryHouse Indiai Étterem

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We have gone to eat in this Indian restaurant not the first time. The restaurant inside is very nice. The foods are always very tasty and sure we will go more times. We already recommended to more people. This time we had a male waiter, before we never seen him. Maybe he was new, we don't know. The problem was he was little bit stressed and impatient. The restaurant was not full, so really do not understand why. We have gone there with friends (us and one other couple) and two persons from us are not Hungarians and the other couple never been there before. They asked some questions like do they have to select side dish separately etc and unfortunately he was not clearly giving the information and the way of the answer was also not friendly. He forgot also to notice on type of curry what we asked, but after we asked the information when we are receiving we cancelled it. We are sad that however the service fee is included on the bill, because to be honest I don't think we would give him a tip. The food and the environment was great as always. Sure we will go next time as well, just we hope the waiters are more friendly and patients.

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