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Information Émile

Émile – your friend in Buda.

The quality of Gerbeaud and Onyx appears in Buda, where the villa, which was built between 1921 and 1928, offers a unique gastronomic experience to the guests.
The name of the place is after Gerbeaud’s first name so it is easy to connect it with its partner in Pest. Whether it is breakfast, business meeting, lunch, afternoon tea, family dinner, children’s party or take away cakes, Émile is the solution in Buda. In the villa a restaurant, a confectionery with a pastry shop and a café are also found, moreover there is a play empire for children at Émile dining room on the ground floor. Between spring and autumn, their guests could enjoy the amazing ambiance of their garden where comfortable cabanas and family atmosphere provide relaxation for a romantic dinner, friendly or business meeting and family events.

Since 2000 Ágnes Tóth, their head chef has been passionately creating and cooking in the kitchens of the Gerbeaud units. She carries the need for artistic creation in her nerves, perfecting the harmony of food, and the love of home tastes as a mother herself. Tamás László, the manager of Gerbeaud’s confectionary units, keeps the traditional and eternal legacy of Gerbeaud slice and Dobos cake, while he awaits their guests with modern and innovative sweet miracles.

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