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frissTerasz is a genuine lakeside getaway with cosy deckchairs, quality eats and Badacsony wines. A genuine community space where you can sit back and relax, have a night out, enjoy public screenings – with your kids also having a good time. All these at the foot of the Badacsony mountain amid unadulterated lakeside vibes.

Straw bales and sand under your feet, drinking spritzer, watching matches while the kids are having a good time in the kids’ corner: located in our vineyard on the hillside of Badacsony, frissTerasz is a genuine community space with a literally sparkling atmosphere. During the day you may want to chill your bones in the welcoming deckchairs, and in the evenings you can let off steam at music events and all-night dancing parties. 

The long-time abandoned building has come to life again and is now filled with youthful spirit and local products – that’s what it takes to recover the good old lakeside vibes.

frissTerasz offers a good selection of snacks and bar food made of local ingredients and wines from as many as 13 local wineries, at a reasonable price. This year’s extravaganza, the matches of the European Championships and the various events of the Olympic Games were live on big screen. 

You can also bring your pets along, for frissTerasz is a dog-friendly place. Whether you arrive by car, on two wheels or by bike we have places for your vehicles and a bicycle parking lot as well.

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