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Information Fuji Japán Étterem


The Fuji Japanese Restaurant opened 25 years ago as a first in Hungary with a traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef Usuda Masato has brought to life the unique art form of the Japanese Kitchen. Fuji was the first restaurant where fans of the Far-East gastronomy could come and have a traditional meal. Created with guidance from the chef and skilled cooks with an appreciation of traditional Japanese methods to bring the best to the guests table. 

Our goal is to show that Japanese cuisine is more than Sushi and Sashimi but has a broad and complex Kitchen as well. The highest quality of ingredients are used in the preparation of a meal, harmoniously blending traditional and modern style. We have an open Sushi bar as well tables where you yourself can cook and have an opportunity to taste and experience dishes such as Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu, Ishikari Nabe, etc. We have an abundant selection of exotic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Traditional Tatami rooms are available for a more private dining experience. Perfect for business meetings, family gatherings, or a romantic meal. 

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