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Information KNRDY Steakhouse & Bar

American Steakhouse & Bar proudly serves dry aged USDA Prime Black Angus beef

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We had the reservation at 22h, when we arrived they were not very friendly which we afterwards understood why, we were the only table and they wanted to close before the closing time announced. To bring the appetizers they took 40 minutes, between the appetizers and main course they took 30 minutes and then they told us that the kitchen was closed and we couldn’t order desserts. Also, the menu said on a Tomahawk piece the minimum that could be ordered was 800gr, we wanted 1Kg and they said the piece was of 2Kg, insisting on ordering that piece for the 4 of us. Of course, We complained which they didn’t care and they charged the service fee and said it was mandatory to be paid.

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