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Mauro Tenebruso decided to move to Zamárdi and open an Italian restaurant, but his move was as successful as Felix Baumgartner's jump, that's for sure. Mauro Ristorante is one of the most popular restaurants on the south shore of Balaton; in the summer, the queue to get in is almost as long as a Serie A game played by two defensive teams.

It's difficult to say whether Mauro is a brilliant Italian restaurant, or a three-ring Italian circus. Mauro filled his place with all the dazzle of Italia, and the waiters are booming greetings and goodbyes loudly to everyone. The food is okay, but it does not deliver that special feel of Via Veneto. Eating in Mauro is not your only option; you can also purchase original Italian ingredients, if you prefer baking your own Margheritas at your summer home. There are also accomodations under the name of Mauro in Zamárdi.

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