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Information Rickshaw Restaurant – Corinthia Hotel Budapest

For a truly unique dining experience, Rickshaw serves authentic dishes from across the Orient in an atmosphere which complements the traditional arts and materials of the Far East.

Offering world class quality and fantastic gastronomic experiences reminiscent of the Far East in downtown Budapest, the chef dazzles diners with traditional Asian flavors prepared exclusively with the finest, freshest ingredients. 

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Had dinner with my mother on new years eve. The staff were not friendly, they where short staffed. The ambience was boring no particular theme for new year or music or anything entertaining, A super boring dinner. Sarters where okay, we ordered peking duck with pancakes - our duck was cooked in the oven not as a pecking duck with pancakes would be served normally crispy it was not at all the taste of the duck was totally different. The main i order a chicken tikka masala, its know to be orangishy/red in colour. It was yellow and honestly the taste was beyond disgusting it didn't not taste like tikka masala. When I complained the waitress told me you are right its the chefs versions, i wouldn't have ordered it if i knew, the noodles where swimming in the amount of oil in the bowl. We have rickshaw in Malta I have been many, many time and I was always very happy with the standard of food but at the Corinthina Budapest I expected much better and we where extremely disappointed. I then sent the chicken back and just ate the noodles and had no main course. and our starters where a chicken corn soup and a duck spring rolls, water and a glass of wine. The bill was ridiculous for the food we ate. We left disappointed and hungry. We were beyond upset and disgusted with the service, food, ambience, hospitality, After all it was the New Years Eve a special effort could have been made when people are spending so much money and especially hotel guests!!!!! Utterly disgusted!

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