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Information Riso Ristorante & Terrace

Brief story of Riso Ristorante & Terrace

In 2008 a new hotel (Hotel Castle Garden) was built at the bottom of Buda Castle by the Vienna Gate, and as part of the building itself, Bonfini Garden Restaurant was opened.

The view of the original operators was different from ours in what we are trying to communicate to the public since the summer of 2011, now known as Riso Ristorante & Terrace. The word 'Terrace' itself was a conscious decision to include in the name so guests could really experience that they've landed in a different world, fallen into an idyllic environment, by merely seating surrounded by lush greenery of the patio tables. The split-level, architectural design of the courtyard, the barbecue kitchen of the upper area, the comfortable and spacious layout of the furniture and the playground that accommodates all needs, are all creating an intimate yet cozy atmosphere.

Naturally, the lovely terrace and the cheerful and fresh interior would not win customers over by their own, thus we carry a large variety of traditional Italian dishes and Hungarian fare as well as a great choice of risottos, homemade pasta and oven baked pizza.

The interior and exterior layout of the restaurant is the perfect background for a romantic dinner or family gatherings, corporate events, or weddings too!

Our mission is to provide our guests along with a greater standard, friendly service with excellent quality food, good wines in the unique ambiance of a Mediterranean environment. We want to create a family-friendly restaurant where not only foreign tourists but also domestic guests can enjoy their stay.

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