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Information St. Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar

The Bar opened its doors in Eiffel Palace, in one of the most prominent locations in the heart of Budapest, reflecting its significance both in terms of architecture and oenology. This is the place where the quality of the built environment meets the qualities of a winery’s pursuits and becomes one. Through a unique and pleasant gastronomic experience to sample some top wines along with tapas-style bar snacks, our aim is to introduce our guests to one of the leading wineries in the Eger area; the St. Andrea vinery of Egerszalok.

The Bar enjoys an authentic ambience with a stylishly designed space combining 19th century elements of patina with modern technologies as well as the wide range of Eger’s carefully selected and exclusive wines to make the spot perfect for wine tasting, a business lunch, partner meetings and special events. Dr. Gyorgy Lorincz, the estate manager and wine maker of the St. Andrea winery, strongly belives that the Eiffel Palace and the St. Andrea brands perfectly complement each other, as their core values are based on common beliefs. Today, both names are synonymus with prestige, superior quality, respect for historical values, the celebration of the joyful present and future care.

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A borok és a borpárosítás príma, kiszolgálás szintén. Az ételek finomak voltak, de egy kicsit túl sok minden volt a tányéron és a prezentáció sem volt ötcsillagos. A szivar alakú kacsamáj pástétom nagyon finom volt, de egészen borzalmas a tálalása a hamutálban....manapság a cigaretta/hamutál (hál'Istennek) nem szívesen látott vendégek egy étteremben, inkább kicsit gusztustalan az egész, mintsem inycsiklandó. De valóban nagyon finom volt :-)

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